About Us

Begin Again.

Every dream comes with a story tale and this one ends royally. As many can imagine, starting a business as two minority, black women, we faced challenges. We had families to raise. We had an education to pursue and careers to maintain. After years, we realized that the biggest hurdle was NOT life, but ourselves. Initially we started our journey, with one unsuccessful attempt after another. This left us scarred and at times hesitant to begin again. But, like many entrepreneurs, we didn't give up. All excuses aside, we decided to regroup, rebrand and begin again. The result was Branding Royalty.

We always envisioned a company that represented us both. A company that complimented both our special gifts. From the start, our goal has always been to help organizations, businesses and people in general, by bringing their vision to life! We are honored at the opportunity to help others! Our custom designs are truly unique and designed with creativity and love!

Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your journey! Thank you for the opportunity to make your brand, your vision or your special gift...ROYAL!